Diagnostic Scan & Treatments

Bio Resonance Diagnostic Scan & Treatments

Bio resonance is a non-invasive, gentle therapy. It uses biophysics -the physics of the body – rather than biochemistry. It is based on the realisation that every organ, tissue and cell in the body as well as every substance (e.g. allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc.) displays a certain frequency pattern. By correcting imbalanced frequencies, the body can heal naturally.

This unique body diagnostic system can scan your complete body right down to your DNA to determine the cause of cellular disharmony. With a touch of a button the system will start to create the corrective vibrational sequences to the out of balance structures, the results are seen in real time on the screen

Almost any health condition will benefit from Bio-Resonance Therapy

With this state-of-the-art therapy, we can deal with the underlying causes of both poor physical and mental health, fatigue, chronic and degenerative diseases helping your body become balanced and more effective at self-healing.

Suzanne Chalkley at Health Direct NI offers a range of body diagnostic screening, meta therapy treatment, computerised acupuncture system, assessment and meta therapy treatment of viral, bacterial and parasitic frequencies. Assessment of homeopathic remedy frequency as well as other nutritional status treatment options.
* It is important to note that while these systems give an enormous amount of information, we do not rely on them solely for a ‘diagnosis’ this comes about by reviewing all the clinical history, signs and symptoms of the client and then considering the added input from the Bio Resonance technology.

**Any additional homeopathic or other supplements would be additional cost

Bio Resonance full body scan and corrective treatment

Initial first consultation includes a detailed Bio Resonance body scan to include all tissues and structures, including corrective meta therapy treatment (approx. 90min)


Follow up consultations

 include a secondary body scan and treatment protocol (approx. 45 mins)


Express Scan

(Approx 15 mins)


Bio Resonance, Meta Therapy treatment with Quantum nutritional status report

Includes detailed Bio Resonance scan, meta therapy treatment and Quantum scan


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