D3 -Max Oral Spray

D3 -Max Oral Spray


Plant based, high strength vitamin d to support your immune system, bone health and muscle function.

Plant Based Vitamin D3

Vitamin D keeps your bones, teeth and immune system strong and healthy.

Your body can mainly make its own vitamin D from sunlight, but that means exposing your skin regularly to the sun and during autumn and winter, in the UK this just isn’t possible. 


Ideal For Vegans

Many vitamin D3 sprays are made from sheep’s wool. However, ours is based on a unique lichen extract, making it perfect for vegans.


A Spray Of Sunshine

One Nutrition D3 Max Oral Spray isn’t only easy to use – it’s also ideal for all the family. 

‘But why a spray?’ you may wonder. Taking vitamin D3 under the tongue ensures fast and effective absorption, making it a convenient alternative to tablets and capsules.


Natural Orange Flavour

Just six sprays of our unique high strength formula provides 3000IU of vitamin D3. And to make your day even brighter, D3 Max has a lovely sunny orange flavour.

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