Incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties


Reishi mushrooms Immune boosters

Reishi, mushrooms belong to the genus Ganoderma, and this edible fungus is usually referred to by its scientific name in peer-reviewed publications. As a polypore mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum has a distinctive red cap. Reishi mushrooms are 100% vegan and have incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and these benefits allow ganoderma to prevent heart disease, and even your run-of-the-mill cold without compromising your dietary restrictions.

  • Daily supplementation with reishi mushrooms may also decrease your overall disease risk
  • Has immunomodulatory benefits that help prevent disease
  • Appears to also have antioxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and plenty of other benefits

Why we love reishi mushrooms

The reishi (or Ganoderma) mushroom is one of the most popular new health products on the scene today. Used for millennia in Eastern medicine, the reishi mushroom appears to have a variety of beneficial effects, and unlike many Western medicines, it doesn’t appear to have any negative effects. Once we learned about the incredible benefits of reishi mushrooms, we knew we needed to include the powdered form of this fungus in our Feel Multivitamin™.

Ganoderan B is one of the most bioactive components of reishi mushrooms, but it appears that the entire mushroom is highly beneficial in both powdered and raw forms. With your Feel Multivitamin™ delivered to your door, you can add the benefits of reishi mushrooms to the incredible ingredients that are already available in our next-generation daily supplement capsule.

Unbelievable benefits of reishi mushrooms

The benefits of reishi mushrooms appear to be practically endless. Here are a few of the most notable beneficial effects of this natural healing substance:

Immune-Boosting Benefits

Ganoply is a reishi mushroom extract, and a study found that the administration of Ganoply improved immune responses. Reishi mushrooms appear to have a wide variety of different effects, but all of them seem to centre around modulation of the immune system. Ganoderma appears to reduce oxidative stress via immune-related functions. Overall, reishi mushrooms can be seen as immune boosters, and the myriad of other benefits that these fungi offer all spring from this central benefit nexus.

Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory Benefits

A recent Italian study investigates the reported anti-inflammatory properties of these natural fungi. Inflammation is an immunological function, so it stands to reason that an immune booster should also naturally reduce inflammation.

 This research notes that “Ganoderma lucidum extracts can significantly inhibit the release of IL-8, IL-6, MMP-2 and MMP-9,” which means that they reduce the expression of known pro-inflammatory compounds. It stands to reason that this reduction of inflammatory activity also occurs when healthy people consume reishi mushrooms.

Other Benefits

There are so many reported benefits of reishi mushrooms that it’s hard to fit them all into one article. In addition to the benefits we’ve already listed above, it also seems that ganoderan B helps with diabetes, and ganoderenic acid A was found to help with liver and gastric injuries. What’s more, reishi mushrooms even seem to help men with the symptoms of lower urinary tract conditions. It appears that reishi mushrooms contain tons of different components that each have their own beneficial effects, and research is ongoing to develop better methods of isolating the various constituents of the Ganoderma mushroom.