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Natural food supplement designed to help curb the appetite, control cravings, increase energy and promote weight loss


This unique blend of natural ingredients,B vitamins, zinc and chromium, work synergistically to curb your appetite, control sweet cravings, reduce excess fat and carbohydrate absorption and to increase energy promoting weight loss effectively.

studies have shown that the benefits of the ingredients include:

  • Natural Appetite Suppressant
  • Energy Boost
  • Improves Alertness & Concentration
  • Reduces Sugar/ food Cravings
  • Aids weight loss / body fat reduction naturally

Slim & Trim has been formulated to help people take control of their weight loss journey. Your first order also comes with our Diet & Lifestyle Quick Start Guide

It is so easy to take just 2 capsules per day after your breakfast and evening meal. No worrying about having to take them at certain times!

Contains only natural nutritional ingredients including; Konjac / Glucomannon, Raspberry Ketone , Garcinia Cambogia, Chitosan, Organic Hebridean Kelp Seaweed, Green Coffee Extract, Cinnamon Extract.

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