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Health Direct NI is delighted to be able to offer the latest health and wellness therapy – Bio Resonance Body Scanning and Metatherapy

[quickview photo=”3223″ title=”Bio Resonance” columns=”6″]Health Direct NI is delighted to be able to offer the latest health and wellness therapy – Body Scanning and Metatherapy.

Bio resonance is a totally non-invasive, gentle therapy. The theory behind Bio Resonance is that all matter has a resonant frequency and every cell, organ and tissue in the body resonates at a specific frequency which can be measured. Almost any health condition will benefit from Bio-Resonance. With this state-of-the-art therapy, we can assess and use correctional therapy to deal with the underlying causes of ill health, fatigue and both chronic and degenerative diseases. Bio Resonance helps your body become more effective at self-healing.

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[quickview photo=”3220″ title=”Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser” columns=”6″ img_position=”imgright”]The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser (QRMA) is a unique, state-of-the-art human bioenergetic and biochemical analysis system, which provides a representation of the general status of your metabolic / nutritional health. You will receive a 100 page report giving you a detailed overview of your readings and guidelines on what to do to help improve your health status.

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[quickview photo=”3493″ title=”PEMF Therapy” columns=”6″]PEMF stands for ‘Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy’. The PEMF therapy mat recreates the earth’s natural electromagnetic field which helps to enhance healing, sleep, relaxation & combat chronic illness, stress & pain!

We offer the Individual Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy in conjunction with relaxing deep tissue massage therapy.

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Treatments available at our treatment room in Moy Co Tyrone, home visit appointments are also available on request

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