The Eat Well Plan

The Secret to Optimum health & Weight Management

As a Nutritional Consultant and a Certified Health & Lifestyle coach I understand that there are so many different weight management opinions, approaches and personal choices out there when it comes to embarking on healthy eating and weight loss programmes.  It can be so quite confusing for people, ultimately, who is right? Which diet book, magazine article or latest study do you believe?  What is important though, is to understand that there is no ‘one sized diet that fits all’! We are each individual with individual needs, wants, goals, preferences and desires!

This being the case I wanted to put together this handy reference guide on healthy eating to help dispel some of the confusion. I wanted to simplify and condense what I had learned over the years into this one simple, easy to understand book. The Eat Well Plan includes all the key strategies and valuable information that I have developed and worked with over the last 20 years. The Eat Well Plan incorporates a number of different principles that I know work. This programme is about eating healthy, tasty, every-day food, with the added support of specific nutritional supplements that reduce cravings, boost energy and vitality and help support proper gut balance. Some people like to follow a set-eating plan, in which they are given specific details on what foods to eat morning, noon and night. Others prefer the freedom to choose their own menus and foods. Whatever your personality, The Eat Well Plan can be tailored to suit everyone’s needs. Have a look and choose which plan is best suited to you.

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Weight Management
Suzanne Chalkley