A liquid concentrate packed with vital bioactive nutrients


A liquid concentrate that will provide the body with vital nutrients as well as bioactive plant compounds.

Recent studies have revealed that we are now deficient in phytochemicals as there are no longer significant amounts in our foods.

 For most of us when we talk about nutrients we tend to think about vitamins – but just as important are the phytochemicals,such as anthocyanins of red fruits, lycopene from tomato or OPC from apples. New research is now showing their extreme importance to our overall health and wellbeing. The problem is we do not eat enough fruits and vegetables! the recommended daily amount is five fist-sized units and not even 20 percent of adults in UK & Europe are consuming this amount. To close this gap Nutritionist Dr. Wolz Zell GmbH has developed a vital substance preparation in which there is not only vitamins, trace elements and minerals, but for the first time there is also phytochemical in a bioactive state.

However, it is important to know if you are taking a supplement containing phytochemicals they must be in their natural, bioavailable form. Some companies claim their supplements contain a variety of bioavailable phytochemicals – but this is usually never the case. Here at Dr. Wolz we can garentee that Vitalkomplex has the total polyphenols, anthocyanins and other phytochemicals still available in their natural matrix – even in a standardised format. Thus, it is now finally possible to supply specifically the body the right amounts of valuable plant substances.

Vitalkomplex  Dr. Wolz is therefore an excellent supplement for all,especially those who are exposed to a lot of stress, do not have a sufficiently healthy diet or have a demanding lifestyle and need more stamina.

Provide yourself and your family with the best of nature!

The nutrients in Vital Complex Dr. Wolz come from a variety of fruits and vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and extracts. These include acerola, aronia, red grapes, apple, pomegranate, elderberry, blueberry, rose hips, black currant, sea buckthorn, Jerusalem artichokes, beets, black carrot, Aloe Vera, Artichoke leaf, buckwheat herb, camu camu, chlorella, mallow, galangal root, green tea, ginger root, nasturtium flowers, pumpkin seeds, turmeric root, artichoke flower, marigold flower, nasturtium seeds, rosemary leaves, shiitake mushroom, spirulina, plantain herb, wheat germ extract, tomatoes, green tea and broccoli. In addition, Vital complex also contains Lactic acid fermented sauerkraut juice

  • For the health conscious People who demand more energy
  • High-quality combination of important functional bioactive natural products
  • With a high content of phytochemicals.


500 ml

Directions for use:

Vital Complex Dr. Wolz is a concentrate. Daily 20 ml to taste, with half a glass of water or juice diluted assume to themselves. Children take half the amount.

Tip: A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.

60% aronia, red grapes, apple, pomegranate, elderberry, Heidelbeeren- rosehip, black currant, sea buckthorn juice concentrate; 25% Jerusalem artichoke, red beetroot, black carrot juice concentrate; 4% herbal extract of camu camu, chlorella, mallow, galangal root, green tea, nasturtium flowers, pumpkin seeds, turmeric root, artichoke flower, Capuchin cross, rosemary leaves, shiitake mushroom, wheat germ extract; lactic acid fermented Sauerkraut juice; Calcium lactate; Inulin; Magnesium citrate; Acerolasaftpulver; enriched with vitamins, inactivated dried yeast (vitamins B1, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, B12, biotin); Tomato extract; Green tea extract dried; Vitamin E; Bisglycinate; Zinc gluconate; Broccoli extract dried; Vitamin D3.

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