100% pure organic noni juice no additives boosting health and vitality


Morinda Citrifolia trees grow abundantly in Polynesia and Tahiti where they grow exempt from modern pollution in ideal conditions, namely year-round perfect weather and fertile, mineral rich, volcanic soil. Pure juice of Noni is traditionally used on the islands for its natural antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Noni is also a powerful antioxidant.

There are different NONI juices on the market. Unfortunately, not all NONI juices have the same quality, therefore , it is important to ask questions and read labels carefully. Most Noni products are made from concentrate or from pulp, which means that they are reconstituted. This production process is more technical, but cheaper as the main ingredients are added water, fruit juices or inexpensive flavours. Our NONI DE TAHITI juice is 100% direct juice, 100% pure and freshly pressed juice WITHOUT additives. 100% pure NONI juice has a rather dark brown colour with a typical taste that is not sweet. If you do not want to drink NONI straight then you can mix with 100% pure fruit juice for natural sweetness.