Vit D3 is vitally important to the whole body & immune system


Our body can produce vitamin D itself using the sun (UVB radiation); this is the reason vitamin D is also termed the sun vitamin.  In the UK, sunshine levels are often too low to produce enough vitamin D in the skin. Older skin, too, is no longer able, even in summer, to manufacture as much vitamin D as young people’s skin.

Many young people and children already have a deficiency of vitamin D due to dietary issues.

Vitamin D, which is provided by food or also formed in the skin assisted by sunshine, is not converted to the active vitamin D until in the liver and kidney, it is then also called “hormone D”.

Adequate provision of vitamin D is vital for the body as the functioning of so many systems, organs, muscles, bones and tissue, is subject to a good level of vitamin D.

Vitamin D contributes:

  • A normal function of the immune system
  • Normal muscle function 
  • Healthy growth and healthy development of children 
  • Maintenance of normal teeth and bones
  • Normal cell division

Active substances:

One capsule contains vitamin D3 (1000 I.E.) 25 µg, citrusbioflavonoides 36 mg, vitamin C from acerola juice powder 40 mg. Capsule shells made from plant cellulose.


60 capsules – only one capsule per day


Adults take 1 capsule daily together with a meal and a small amount of fluid. Children aged 2 and above take 1 capsule or the contents of one capsule every second day together with a meal. The capsules can also be opened by pulling them apart and the contents thereof added to meals.